International Symposium on System Security, Safety, and Reliability


Security, safety, and reliability are the three most important attributes of a system. This is especially the case for mission-critical and life-threatening systems. While security prevents systems from being attacked via potential vulnerabilities, safety ensures systems do not end at any undesired state and cause unacceptable consequences. Reliability is the probability of failure-free system operation for a given period of time in a specified environment. As the complexity of many systems continues to grow, how to ensure security, safety, and reliability becomes absolutely imperative. Not only do the existing technologies and tool supports need to be enhanced, but we also need new strategies and approaches to satisfy more strict requirements on system security, safety, and reliability. In response to this challenge, the Steering Committee of ISSSR has decided to change the conference name from International Symposium on System and Software Reliability to International Symposium on System Security, Safety, and Reliability. The acronym is still the same, but the full name has been slightly modified to emphasize the importance of security, safety, and reliability of many systems.

This symposium provides scientists and engineers from both industry and academia a platform to present their ongoing work, relate their research outcomes and experiences, and discuss the best and most efficient techniques for the development of secure, safe, and reliable systems. It also represents an excellent opportunity for the academic community to become more aware of subject areas critical to the industry as practitioners bring their needs to the table. ISSSR 2022 will be held from October 27 - 28, 2022 in Chongqing organized by Southwest Jiaotong University.

Keynote Speakers

Keynote 1: Autonomic Computing in Large-Scale Computing System
Professor Yuanshun Dai China

Dean of the School of Computing and Artificial Intelligence
Southwest Jiaotong University

Was continuously elected as “Chinese Most Cited Researcher” in the field of “Safety, Risk, Reliability, and Quality” by Elsevier from 2015 to 2019
Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Reliability

Keynote 2: Human-Machine Cooperation in Junior Science Education: Development, Opportunities, and Challenges
Professor Liang Luo China

Assistant Director of National & Local Joint Engineering Lab of Next Generation Internet Data Processing Technology
School of Computer Science and Engineering (School of Cyberspace Security)

University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

Topics of interest

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following that focus on system security, safety, and reliability:
  • Requirements, Architecture, and Design
  • Measurement, Estimation, and Predication
  • Modeling and Optimization
  • Analysis, Simulation, and Validation
  • Formalization and Verification
  • Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Fault Tolerance and Diagnosis
  • Process Improvement and Maintenance
  • Redundancy and Performance Evaluation
  • Data-Driven and AI/Machine Learning Techniques
  • Benchmark and Tools
  • Industrial Applications and Empirical Studies


Southwest Jiaotong University

Technical sponsor

IEEE Reliability Society

Conference patrons

Chongqing Hechuan District Development Center of Information Security Industry
National University of Defense Technology
East China Normal University
Zhengzhou University of Light Industry